The weekend

Saturday at the Hyatt

Well, this has been an interesting week. The field trip was canceled the afternoon before we were to leave, the students were so disappointed that afternoon I decided to give a quiz on Thursday. A teacher has to survive somehow. I needed to give one anyway. Thursday afternoon drove to Abu Dhabi and managed to find a new restaurant that made the best fish soup. It is amazing when you are able to find a place to eat that is not in the hotel district and has wonderful food.
Liz and I wanted to get some Christmas shopping done so we made reservations in Dubai for Friday night. I managed to drive through my first dust storm. It was very similar to driving through a light snow storm. It lasted about fifth-teen minutes. I dropped to a very slow speed and luckily the traffic was nonexistent.
We FINALLY found the Hyatt, after 45 minutes diving from one end of the freeway to the other in Dubai. Wow, is all I can say…it is a very nice hotel, thank you Travelocity!
Caught a taxi to Dubai mall and shopped until we dropped….I forget how much I don’t like to shop. This mall every time I go it I find a new area that I haven’t seen before. We went to the old Souk and bought a few things, found a place to sit and eat a sandwhich and watch the water show at the fountains.
Went to catch a taxi back to the hotel and we were put in an upgrade taxi, leather seats, etc…and the ride was three times

imageas much, lesson learned!
Well back to the desert this afternoon, only a couple more weeks and I will be back in the states for Christmas, hard to believe when it is sunny and in the 90’s outside, though the shops were decorated for Christmas….imageimage


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