Thanksgiving Week

Hair danceUAE is very proud of when they started as a nation. We have a two-day holiday, one to celebrate and one day to recover. The students were so excited about the upcoming holiday. Their national pride is wonderful to see. We have a morning assembly each morning and for the past three days they have been extra special. The students being traditional costumes and perform. I have seen a wedding dance, a wedding ceremony and a couple traditional dances. They have shown videos and reminded the students of the beginning of their country. I have been truly fortunate to have one of the teachers do a translation so that I may understand some of what they are saying. Since Dubai won the Expo 2020 we were given an extra day odd today. With today being the American thanksgiving it was a lovely plus to the week.
We celebrated thanksgiving out in the desert on Tuesday night some teachers in the building. For a couple of them is was their first thanksgiving ever. We had teachers from New Zealand, England, South Africa , Canada , and then from the states…Alaska, Texas, Vegas, Utah, Maryland, Phoenix, Georgia. It was quite a collection of people, filled with traditional food from their homes. The single guy teachers eyes were a delight they were so excited about home cooked food.
Tonight I am going to another thanksgiving with a different group of people in Abu Dhabi. Tomorrow the symphony, then Friday night the opera. Sunday we are going camping out in the desert, I am looking forward to all the activities.
Hard to believe in two weeks I will be back in the states. The time has flown by very quickly.


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