Ireland day four 

Day four Ireland
Yesterday was a very long day of coach riding. We did the ring of Kerry and all I could hear was the Ring of Fire in my head. Though the whole trip was amazing I do not need to do that drive again. I was very glad I was not driving due to the narrow roads, high hedges, and twisting roads. At a couple of the scenic overlooks you would find a family or a couple people with small animals to pet, a few crafts to sell or fresh vegtitable scored sell. All for a coin or two to help them along.

We saw a shepards dog show, the gentleman did a grand job with his two dogs. He had a sheep of every breed in Ireland and explained the uses for them, rather for food or wool. It was very I interesting how different each breed was from each other.  

Dinner for me was early and I fell asleep listening to music that came through my open window. 

Today we went to the cliffs of Moher. The cliffs are a do again. I could have spent more time hiking along the cliffs. I walked for about an hour or so along each side of the cliffs. What is really nice the sky is overcast, threatening rain. The wind is brisk and the temperatures are high 60’s. What great weather to walk in along some very high cliffs. 












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