Ireland day three

Ireland day three
I have so enjoyed the cool temperatures and rain showers. Knowing I am going back to humid high temperatures does tend to heighten the enjoyment. Today I changed hotels for this afternoon I will start my tour. This hotel looks like it was a large private home that was converted to a hotel. It is absolutely brilliant. I will enjoy staying there I believe for one night. 

I have, without getting lost, managed to find the Dart and I am on my way to Bray. Lea recommend the place and I have a couple hours to kill, off I go. 

As I travel we are going by the coast. The skies are filled with dark angry clouds and the water is a dark green. The tide is out and all the shore birds are busy scavenging for food. On the other side of the dart one sees green squares of lawn edged with stone walls and green hedges. There is tagging in some do the rock cliffs the joys of artistic expression and paint even in Ireland. 

The train goes along the coast, as we reach Killiney there the sun peaks out from the clouds and you see families with their dogs on the beach. Brave ones have even have shorts and t shirts in. The rest are in dressed as one would on the eastern coast in March. There is a boot camp boxing with an incredible view behind the people of the ocean. We are driving by a lovely golf course filled with men golfing in their shorts. 

The harbours we go by are filled with small fishing boats and pleasure boats.

Oh my, I made it to. Ray and walked along the each. This is definitely a seaside touristy town. There were all the normal carnival rides needed to entertain the younger population. There were also craft and food vendors. One BBQ vendor had his booth to look like a glockenspiel. The town had a small park with workout machines that were stationary. It was very nice. I went up to the walk along the cliffs. The view was amazing. Flowers, rocks, ocean and men swimming I the buff, which was totally unexpected..I quickly decided not to go down that pathway. After an hour of walking I am back on the dart headed to Dublin. 



2 thoughts on “Ireland day three

  1. Paul Zeek says:

    Thanks for taking us along for your tours. I have so enjoyed your pictures and descriptions. We look forward to seeing you back in Texas. Love you,



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