Masai Mara National Park

We finally found out our holiday break for EID, a holiday in the states that I never had even heard of but now I am very aware of when it occurs. Anyway Liz and I saw a tour come up for a safari to masi mari in Nairobi. Of course we jumped on the opportunity to join a group on a safari.
After a two hour delay of our flight from Dubai to Nairobi we finally arrived about ten in the morning, exhausted. We had been at the airport since midnight the night before, up almost 24 hours straight. Yech! We were met by our tour guide, he quickly got us through the visual line and passport control. There were seven of us total, some in education some in the medical field, all women. One of the ladies had a friend stationed there and had given her some suggestions on things to,do,on our day in town and we,pretty much followed her suggestions. Went to,the giraffe breeding facility, elephant reduce grounds, Heart of Africa’s home and had lunch, and some,famous restaurant that wasn’t worth the visit. We finally made it back to our hotel and collapsed into our bed!
Up early and bright and ready to head out to the bush to see “wild” animals. Little did I know it was a six and half hour drive, last hour and half was on an unsaved road, oh my poor back and bottom!
It was interesting seeing the countryside, but….I think next time, I’d there is a next time, I would fly to the bush. We arrived to our base camp, and it was pretty primitive, a tent on a permeant base. Needless,to,say there was a spider in the bathroom area which freaked me out! How fast can I pee? Pretty fast! We went out before dinner to look at some of the animals and got our first taste of the women hawking their products at the gate. They could become,a bit aggressive with any encouragement form the occupants of the bus. They were almost crawling into the bus to show us their trinkets.
The first night we were so excited so see giraffes, antelopes, wildebeest, and zebras. We returned for dinner and sleep, but that was just a hopeful thought.mwe were so lucky to,arrive on the same weekend,the summer interns were having,their end of season party. They were having a grand time, music, loud, talking, singing, dancing, etc, it was a long evening before they finally called it a night.
Up early the next morning, breakfast with monkeys was a first, you had to make sure you kept a hand on your food or it could be snatched away very quickly and eaten.
Off to a full day of photo moments of wild critters. Watching all the different safari vans chase the next big animal location was almost as fun as seeing the next big animal. We did see all of the big five except for the rhino. They were not in our area of Africa.
Back to base camp and a visit of the local tribes village. It was very interesting at how primitive the lifestyle is to this day. Mud huts with dirt floors. They sleep in three rooms, one for,parents, one for children and one for guest. There are platforms build,slightly a of the ground that they sleep on. A hole,dug in the ground in one room is the stove or fire pit and that would be about it. They only eat meat about every two weeks, milk from the cows and a type porridge in the morning. For,special occasions they bleed a cow for the milk(they do not kill it) and drink the milk. A special occasion is the attaining manhood, birth of a baby….they look,fairly healthy. No vegetables, fruits or,bread, I guess that would be an Adkins diet.
That night a group of hyenas tried to attack a baby elephant and the dominant male no female took exception to that and made their feelings well know by trumpeting and roaring loudly. As I laid in the tent all I could think is please don’t stampede…I also did not know elephants roar like a lion, it was an interesting evening.
The next day we went back in for one more ride and then drove back to Nairobi to catch our plane back to Abu Dhabi. It was a once in a life time trip, and I think once is fine for me.














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