I arrived after flying all night from Abu Dhabi. A brief stop in Amsterdam and a sound nap, we landed in Ireland to Gray overcast skies. After 45 minutes in immigration I was through with suitcases in tow and on my way. Caught a taxi, the driver was quite chatty. Unfortunately my room was ready so I dumped my cases and went foraging for food and drink. I found rain and cold and the whiskey museum, where I had a delightful Irish coffee. Thought I would be an.e to wait out the rain but no such luck. Onward I trudged and down dragged my dress and squish went my shoes. Luckily the room was ready and I was able to change into clothing appropriate for this weather. I took a brief nap while my machines were charging, unfortunately not enough so I left them at home to continue to feed. Off I went looking for the “temple area”.  I found the Hairy Lemon pub. I was ready to sit and eat and hang the temple area. I decided to keep walking, and surprise I got turned around. I saw more of Dublin than my feet wanted to. I finally hobbled to the hotel around ten as the sun was finally beginning to set. 

The sun rose at four thirty this morning, and I know this why, oh I was awake. I was able to find trinity college without any problems and went to the library to see the book of Kells and see the library. The nice part is I read every sign, took my. Time, it wasn’t too crowed due to the early time of day. Off to the green city bus tour and noticed how much of the city I have walked while being lost. 

I got off thinking I would go back to the hotel for a nap, but then decided I was hungry and well yes, I did get turned around but I found a mickey D’s and a Starbucks to sit and relax in a window seat and watch the world go by. The rain comes and goes, with my jean jacket and rain jacket I am very comfortable outside. Inside Starbucks both came off very quickly. Well I finally figured out how to make it back to the hotel, since I continually turn the wrong way. Get on the “hop on,hop off” bus and go to Trinity College. From there no problem getting to the hotel! 
Good news went out this evening and discovered I must have been walking around my hotel all this time.  I have managed to walk for an hour and make it right back to the hotel. Now to change hotels tomorrow, sigh.



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