Qasr Al Sarab

Yesterday I left Ghaythai for a weekend holiday at a five star resort called Qasr Al Sarab. It means Place of Mirage. Here in the middle of desert there is this amazing hotel. I arrived after an almost three hour drive through camel country. They took my car and used a golf cart to drive me to my room. Any time I want to go anywhere just dial zero and they will come get me…now remember the temperature here is warm, very warm by late afternoon. 

We decided to go check out the restaurants just as the sun was beginning to set behind the sand dunes, our driver offered to take us around the resort so Liz and I said yes, please. So he drove us around for about an hour showing us the private villas, only the outside. The outside Bedouin tent dinning area, which is being dismantled today to the spa and pool area. Yes, we made a spa appointment.  It will be 106 by this afternoon so we have to find something to do today. Yes, we now have temperatures ranging from 106-108 each afternoon so afternoon activities outside are halas, or done! 68 more days till the end of term I am hoping the AC is up to the task.  



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