Last night in Greece

We forged for food in Planka the last night. We stopped at a place that we had walked by a couple times. It was misty and chilly so they brought the heat lamps by our table, one on each side. We had live music and dancing. I even danced a few steps, a few, very few. One thing we noticed in this area there are family restaurants, the whole family works there from the greeter to the waiters to the cooks. I really don’t think we ate a bad meal there the entire time. At this place we smashed the plates, toasted each other with schnapps and shouted Ompa. What a great way to end the trip.

We had ordered a taxi to the airport the next day. The rain finally arrived that the weather men had been threatening all week. The grey leaden skies, trees drenched in rain, people scurring to mass with umbrellas and heavy coats. You would almost think it was November and not April. As the taxi drove us to the airport the view of…”snow crusted mountains came into sight. Yes it had snowed the night. The flip side is our flight was delayed for a bit. The nice part we were checked in sitting down enjoying a beverage of choice before too much time had passed. 

A nice airport, easy in and easy out. The thought of how many more times I will be going through immigration before July is painful. But, I will continue to suffer through. 





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