Day Four

We got our hotel online. One of the reasons we liked this hotel was it came with breakfast. Little did we know it was a great breakfast. We have really enjoyed starting our day off with a great breakfast then having a late lunch. This day we wondered around and decided to take the big yellow bus that was a hop on hop off around town.  We saw areas that we hadn’t seen in the city the other days. It also took us to the port city of Piraeus, where all the cruise ships come in to drop the passengers off for the day. The weather was great so the ride was delightful. That night we took the night out on the town and dinner tour. Oh my, what a hoot, we were picked up in a big bus, picked up another couple from Dubai, drove over to the same port city and then back to over by our hotel. We then walked to a restaurant where some really interesting singers sang some music, dinner was served, and we had some dancers. The musicians and singers have been doing this most likely since the sixties or earlier. I am not exaggerating, they were older than me! The dancers were pretty good, cheesy but good. The food was pretty good, the drink the most expensive part of any  we have had on the whole trip. All in all it was with it, a lot like going on a desert safari or a luau in Hawaii.




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