Day Five Greece

Fifth day
Another slow start to the day, rain threatening most of the day. The wind has picked up while the temperature dropped, at least I am not roasting like last year in Viet Nam. We scooted over to the Acropolis Museum. Thinking ahead I do load an audio guide to the museum, while walking around I could find any of the items on the guide. Yup I was at the “other” museum, sigh. I walked around this one, enjoyed what I saw, and called it a day. Wandered around Hadirans Library, the remains of it. Found a place warm to eat ouch and was reminded of the true blessing of being able to eat where people don’t smoke inside anymore.  During lunch today and dinner last night we were in areas that chain smokers smoked one right after another.   Now this is inside of buildings not outside on the patios. My jacket now reeks of smoke, oh well.   Even if one were able to sit outside with it being so cold there is plastic walls up and the smoke remains contained and becomes annoying. Another reason I like our hotel it is a no smoking restaurant. Back to Abu Dhabi tomorrow, what a great trip. I have throughly enjoyed Greece! 



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