December 2014

The month of December is just about done, hard to believe. I am not sure where it went. The month flew by so fast. December 2nd is National Day for the UAE, their Fourth of July. It is the 43rd year for the country and the tenth year for the current sheik so there were big celebrations everywhere. I decided to stay in Abu Dhabi for the celebrations for two reasons; one to see how they celebrate and two to save money for the winter break.
I did manage to go shopping during the week, go to Dubai, rest, relax and have a nice week off from working. There were all kinds of concerts and entertainments, fireworks to see. I was not bored at all and enjoyed the entire celebration.
Last weekend Liz and I went out to the desert for Christmas carols in the desert. One of the local churches organises it every year. It was so nice watching the sun set, then singing carols with 1,000 different people out in the desert. The next day we drove out to Tila Liwa to see the camels and saw them getting ready for the camel beauty contest. I am hoping to get back from London before the festival ends.
I have been singing once a month in a very casual folksinging group, which led me into an Irish Christmas carolling group. Twice this month, I went to a hotel and sang carols in a lobby. The last time, last night, we were treated very nice. They invited us up to their bar outside by the pool and served us mulled wine and small plates. It was so nice sitting around talking and visiting with everyone after singing.
Tonight I am off to London for the first time. Jen will be joining me after a couple days. I am a bit concerned I am going to FREEZE but I am sure I will be able to find a cup of tea to warm up if needed. I know when I arrive back to Abu Dubai it will be sunny and warm!
Merry Christmas to All!





















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