National Day Weekend #43

I decided to stay home for the National Day week off, actually my wallet decided. I am going to London for winter break and all anyone can say is how expensive London is so I decided to be prudent and stay close to home for this week off.
Well, the plan was to be prudent, the sales have been amazing at the mall. I have a new winter coat, gloves, hat, long underwear, and boots. I was very concerned about being chilly in London, now not so much.
Spent the rest of the day after shopping close to the apartment where I was able to see the helicopters fly over with the UAE flags attached, the jets doing fly bys and the fireworks behind the mosque, not bad for not driving anywhere or being in any crowds.
Today we got up early went to the gym, I did my first exercise class since surgery and then drove to Dubai. The idea was to see the camel races. We drove almost to Oman, we saw many camels but no camel races. We finally turned around, around and around. We ended up at Southern fried chicken and ate a late lunch, we were starving. Afterwards we walked around the little local grocery store next door where I found blue bell ice cream, jello, jello pudding, and miracle whip. All things I haven’t seen over here, what a fluke. We then found our way to Global Village and walked around the different villages ending up in the Heritage village watching the dancing and local music. I know Jen is jealous she missed the bag pipes. The weather is so lovely right now, in the low 80’s high 70’s, with a slight breeze. You are able to sit outside and just enjoy the the dinner, friends, view, music or whatever you are doing at the time. This is really the best time of year.


















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