Well day eight, nine and ten flew by very quickly. I spent one day in Venice at the hospital. Seems my ankle got infected and I have three open wounds rather than the one I started with on the trip. So half a day was spent sitting and waiting. I saw the emergency doctor, foot doctor then and infectious doctor. She told me to go home and see my doctor within two days. I received two antibiotics and Benedictine to clean my foot, oh and totally bed rest with my foot up. By the time I got back to the hotel, I was tired and very depressed. So I spent the next day on the bus very sad. We did have a fabulous gondola ride on a night before that included a full moon. We then went to Florence where I found a motorized rick shaw to drive me around the city for an hour. It was very quick,we slowed down, snap a photo and zoom off. But, I did get to see Florence. I made it to see David by hailing a cab there and back. After resting and putting the boot back on my foot, taking my antibiotics the red is almost gone from my foot, down to one wound and swelling almost gone. I think I will rent another golf cart in Rome just because of the amount of walking. I think the hardest part is hearing of the art work being seen and someone will say “I have seen enough” and I have seen so little, oh well.
As we drive along the motorway there are alternating field of sunflowers and wheat. The clouds are hanging very low and black. Rather than being in the 90’s I would say it is in the low 80’s with a lovely breeze blowing. Our first stop is a hill town and lunch. I am beginning to think we will have a rainy lunch. Good thing I have my raincoat.


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