Where does the time fly? We are now on day 15, we have left Rome and we are on our way to Cinque Terra. Rome is a place I would like to see again, I missed the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. I did get to see most of Rome on the back of a golf cart. We went on a four hour tour from one end of the city to another. The guide was very knowledgable with little pieces of history and trivia. We stopped at the ’” best ” gelato, two great churches almost all 13 obelisks. We were really fortunate that yesterday was a holiday for the Ascension of St Mary and the city was less crowed. The golf cart tour was great in the way we went down smaller streets, able to drive right up to many of the sights. The tour guide was informative with history and little bits of trivia. The golf cart was covered so the sum was not beating down on you all day. He pointed out many of the churches to St. Maria along the way and stopped the tour at the largest one at the bells began to toll for mass. We went to one church that he pointed out many of the special paintings and what made them special. There is nothing like a tour for two instead of twenty.
The group went to the Vatican this morning, I have to admit I skipped that tour, too many steps and crowds, next visit! We sat in a cafe by a fountain while the group was touring. We had a leisurely breakfast and good coffee while waiting. Liz facing the square and bookseller was able to see more than I. One man pulled another man under the cover nearby us and started to berate him. From what Liz figured out he was a pickpocket that was not being very successful that morning. The shouting and slapping of the man was not a pleasant sight. The presence of the police is felt, but they fade into the background when the police come by and then they are back in force as soon as they round the corner. I think only one in the group maybe two had their pockets emptied in Rome.
We are on our way to Cinque Terra this afternoon, it ought to be interesting. The skies are heavy with rain, though it has not stormed yet. As we drive along the motorway you see homes that have been here for generations and some for a few years. The vineyards will run right up to the house on hilly yards. Some homes in that rustic orange have the children’s jungle gym that my children used in bright primary colors. The area has rolling hills with our mountains in the background. Lush tall hedges are used as sound barriers from the road.
The rain finally arrived after the traffics jam, again I really appreciate our driver. As we got closer to Cinque Terra the steep two lane road down reminded me do the road to Hana. Very steep sides down on one side and very steep on the other side. Cars pulled over so our bus could get around the corners. It was some tight corners. We ran to the train station to catch the train, watching me run is a probably interesting sight. We made the train and then walked to the hotel, about a very long five minute walk.
After a moment to unpack a bit, change shoes and off to town. We found a place that served tapas and wine. A seat by the bay, watching the sun set was truly a very relaxing evening.






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