On the way to Venice

It is Sunday as we go through Austria on our way to Venice. That means there are no trucks on the road, though there are many cars of families on their Sunday drive.
The views out the window are stunning. Very tall, green, snow capped mountains with lush valleys nestled at the foot of the mountains. Quaint villages along the road or amongst the valleys of the mountains. One can see the glaciers slowly moving through carving these valleys and sheer cliffs over time. As I see the mist floating over the tops of the mountains they remind me of the smokey mountains in TN.
As we drive along you get quick glimpse of lakes, rivers and waterfalls amongst the greenery. I am really loving this not having to drive or navigate my way on this trip. The ability to look, read, or take nap is very stress free. We have hit some construction and traffic and I have not been frustrated at all or stressed over the delay. One photo shows trains, roads all along a village that also has an outlet sores.
As we drive into Italy the hills are right up to the road. There is a quick moving river, local road and the expressway. They cross cross each other like ribbons along the hills. You have vineyards that grow right up to the roads or river. I think of interweaving ribbons of life, locals, water or snow melt and commerce all woven together. You see a few homes high on the Rodgers precariously perched on the cliff. Occasionally you see the tall steeple of a church poking out from the trees. One thinks of the story of silent night, oh holy night. We are now pawing small trees growing under nets tied to stakes. The fruit looks like apples. A red round fruit when ripe and green otherwise, best I can tell. They are much smaller than the apple trees from PA. These trees are trimmed to be this smaller size. They are loaded with apples.
As you look you see the lone castle or tower high on a hill still guarding the village down below. The mountains or valleys here are formed by the glaciers.


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