What a lovely start to our tour. We arrived two days early, with hopes of getting ahead of jet lag before the tour began. We arrived to great weather, a food festival, and jet lag. After traveling from Atlanta via London to Amsterdam we didn’t even try to figure out the public transportation we hailed a taxi and he drove us straight to our hotel. We checked in and collapsed . We knew we needed to forage for food and found big white tents set up in the central square. There was food festival complete with music. We found a front row seat at a tent, ordered wine and a small bite. We lasted as long as we could then headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.
The next day we wandered around town looking at all the buildings, flowers, and bicycles. We browsed through the shops, found a neat coffee shop with warm apple cake with whip cream. Nothing like a good cup of tea and a sweet in the middle of the afternoon. By then we were beat, so we headed back for a nap. While resting on the bed I heard thunder and rain. Our windows are open so the rain was such a lovely sound while reading a book. Once the weather cleared we went back out on the town and found a cheese shop, found out it was very difficult to buy a small chunk of cheese. Located a wine shop that had a nice white wine, bread on the other was a tad more difficult, we finally found a lady who was breaking down her stall and grabbed a loaf of bread that she gave us for free. We had a lovely dinner in our hotel room while relaxing.
Today we wandered around until lunch time, had a great ham sandwich, oh and had some more tea and apple cake, yum!
Met our tour members, ate dinner together and had a walking tour around Haarlem. Now I am resting with my foot up. I think I walked a bit too much, oh well.
The houses had signs on them and in the tile on the ground to tell you what they were. They did not get street numbers until Napoleon. There are pulleys on the top floor of the building, on the outside. That was used to pull supplies into the home. There are great decorations on the outside, howling people to animals. It was so neat….I can see why this town is so popular. It is beautiful, friendly, European …the weather is perfect.






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