Day two Amsterdam

After a very quick (fast walk) we made it to the train. The weather is amazing,you almost need a jacket, but after the walk to the train off came the shawl.
We moved through the Anne Frank house. Having read Anne Franks diary it is amazing how i imaged of what the house looked like Could be the same yet different. The stories of those that hid the families and seeing her father talk were very moving.
We then went to Dam square and saw street performers, grand buildings and lunch. It was almost like eating at whole foods, but better.
After lunch we trotted to the art museum, The Rijksmuseum to see the Dutch masters. We had a guided tour and saw the paintings through professional eyes. It was very different seeing the paintings and see the small things I would have never caught.
Afterwards we had free time, with my ankle that time was spent sitting outside in the amazing weather. A coffee and a few moments with my foot up was just what I needed. We went down to to the canals for a ride. Seeing the buildings with all their different gables was very nice and relaxing.
The last thing we did was go through the red light district. It was shift change and the windows were empty. Back to the train ( which is clean, spacious and very quiet) and back to Haarlem we went, though the young ones stayed and toured a bit more in Amsterdam. After an Italian dinner I went to bed exhausted.





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