Day three into Germany

Amazing what a good nights sleep will do for you. One very good thing is, the jet lag is about gone, staying awake without a nap yesterday and collapsing into bed made two straight nights of good sleep. I would never have thought using ear plugs to sleep but the were great for the last two nights. We had a nice room but, it was on the square which is the front side of the hotel. The noise wasn’t bad until the restaurants closed for the night and the workers were relaxing, oh my….
Today as we drive through the Netherlands the scenery is lush green pastures with cows, and sheared sheep. You are able to see old windmills and windmills that one is able to see in west Texas. The traffic is the same in any place. We are on a fourteen foot bus, each person has two seats to themselves. The bus is very smooth and comfortable, I am so glad since we will be on and off it for the next 19 days.
On our way to Germany we stopped at the Openlucht Museum. This was an outside museum that reminded me of in VA. The houses were set up as they might have been during the 1116-18th century. There were the standard goats, sheep, cows and chickens. There were areas to talk to people dressed in costume. Areas for children to play and experience, areas for snack and presents to take home. We Te at a restaurant and had the traditional pancake lunch. We started with a cheese pancake, farmers breakfast pancake and ended with a sweet pancake with apples and cinnamon. They were the size of a standard pizza and it was cut it like a pizza.
The area was very shady from all the lush vegetation around with a cool breeze blowing. One cannot complain. The homes were one room for the family and a barn on the other half of the house. It was very cozy for the families and critters.


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