Day six

Hard to believe it has almost been a week that we have been on this tour. We are now driving toward Dachau. The scenery has been very green and just lately I look out and see fog covered fields. Some fields have been left fallow, while some have high stalks of corn. All very neat and in fields clearly marked. It is only 9:30 am so I think the fog may burn off later. I see the sun trying to burn through, the weather is comfortable with a light jacket, I figure the jacket will come off as the sun breaks through.
Did I say I thought the sun would burn off the fog, it did. It is become a tad warm in the sun, or on the bus without AC. We have finished touring Dachau and we are on our way to Austria. It is amazing how different people look at tours and the information covered on tours. It is a part of history of the a world, which for better or worse one needs to remember.
We are driving higher and higher, passing beirgartens, farms, horses, cows and mules. I see what look like tree houses built on the corner of land next to fields. Are the deer stands, places to watch over the fields, or just tree houses. The road has three lanes, the middle lane is for passing and one lane in each direction. There is even a lane next to the road for runners or bikers. We now see the Austria mountains in the distance. Everywhere you look it is lush and green. We are now in Bavaria, where the shape of the homes are changing yet are still the same peaked roof, for snow I guess. There is more wood and less stone…here the meadows have been moved ready to bale into hay.
We stopped at the church in the meadow. The amount of decoration in the church was amazing. There was a statue of Jesus that was rejected for being too ugly, years,later it was found and Jesus was crying, so they built a church around him. Very baroque style, lots of painting and icons, absolutely beautiful! While we were there we were treated to a concert of trumpets, trombones, and tubas. This church was a pilgrimage church not a daily/weekend church.


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