Day Seven

We went to the two King Ludwigshafen palaces. One he lived in as a child and mother he lived in for less than a year. Both had elaborate paintings that were painted on the walls. Ornate furs hinges and carvings. The floors to ceilings were just pieces of art. The climb to the castle was steep but taken slowly, doable. The horses cart down was a foot saver for me.
We ate a picnic lunch on the bus, while waiting for our time to the other castle. It was raining so of course I left my rain coat at the hotel. Quite frankly walking through the cool drizzle was delightful. It was almost like the liquid sunshine in Hawaii.
On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a luge run. There was a pull to bring the sled up the hill and then you coasted down at whatever speed you wanted. Being the cautious child I went at a moderate speed, now the second time I went a bit faster, I do love to drive a bit fast. The experience was amazing, I can now say I have gone down a luge. Wheee
I have to mention the dinners that we ate were very good. I had local fish both times and it was expertly cooked. Tried the schnapps once and ….hmmm I know I will skip that next time, very strong and burns as it goes down.






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