Day Four

Bacharach- here is a town on the Rhine. We entered our hotel room an doodled at the Rhine river…the view was amazing, until the train drove by right under our window. Yes, our hotel butted up to the train tracks, thankful again for those ear plugs and if we didn’t have our own some were provided for us on the bedside table.
We took a walking tour with a local guide, he was a school teacher before retirement. His stories of his town during just his lifetime were just as amazing as the stories of the towns history. He was 12 during WWII, he lost his brother in Russia. Again one realizes not everyone in Germany was pro- hate toward everyone. Some were people caught in a country that went crazy. The view from the hillside down was so lush and green. You could sit and just enjoy the view of the Rhine with boats to the road winding through to the village of Bacarach below. The grapes were green but plentiful, I figure the valley would be changing colors soon as fall approaches.
Our bus took us down the road for a bit, then we boarded a boat for a lovely ride on the Rhine. The weather is sunny with a lovely cool breeze blowing. I think I have had more sun in the past couple days than all summer.


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