Day Five

The walled city, the one place I remember from my first visit to Germany. We traveled about four hours down or up the autobahn to arrive at Rothenburg. Our new hotel faced the wall surrounding the city. Very pretty courtyard to sit and enjoy the flowers and water feature. We arrived to a light drizzle but it quickly burned off by the time we reconvened for our “orientation” to Rothenburg. We managed to make it to the town square to see the clock strike two, two figures toasted each other then went back into the clock tower. Liz and I meandered around the town. Found the Christmas store and bought a few items that we had shipped to the states. What a lovely system they have set up for our convince, we just don’t have any more room in the suitcase for large items. This time I bought a wood carving to have at home.
We ate at an outdoor cafe overlooking the cathedral. We sat under trees for shade, wind slightly blowing enough to keep critters away. A glass of wine, a good lunch must be time for an afternoon nap. We grabbed a quick dinner of soup and salad then off to the night watch man tour which is as good as everyone says. I figured I liked it because with bits of history a bit of humor was thrown in during the lecture. Reminded me of my favorite history teacher in college and middle school. A lovely bite of mint ice cream before trundling back to the hotel and bed. We giggled as we looked up to the signs by the door and saw a sign that said Rick Steve’s favorite ice cream…oh my. We figure this man has helped many a small in keeper, shop owner to stay in business. One hotel keeper was telling me that because of people coming from Rick Steve’s tours she has been able to stay in business for 32 years because of him, and is very grateful for his help.
We slept over the garden and the silence was wonderful. Not a sound was heard by either of us all night and the sound of birds was what woke me up this morning, such a lovely change.


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