Day eighteen

We arrived last night to Lauterbruhhen Valley yesterday afternoon. Sheer cliffs overhang with waterfalls cutting through the rock. Everywhere you see shades of green from light green of the grass, medium to dark green of the trees on the ground level to dark green up above the cliffs. High in the mountains a lichen grows giving the impression of growth high in the upper reaches. One sees different colors in the cliffs from a light grey to a medium grey where the water is falling to streaks of white, which are the larger waterfalls.
We were treated with a drink of wine or juice and a demonstration of how to make cheese fondue last night. A dinner was served to us and the portions were so large I ate about half of the dinner. We did spend eight hours in the bus and I may have had a snack of popcorn at the last stop…
Today Liz and I rode the cable car up to the tallest part of the range, Schilthorn. They had filmed a James Bond film there in 1968 and there were many James Bond type stuff there for sell in the gift shop. There was a revolving restaurant up there that we had lunch while it revolved around. The clouds came in and left quickly giving us glimpse of valleys of greenery with cows, goats and sheep. It had snowed up there this morning so there was still snow on the walkway. It was chilly up there, a nice change from Rome, Florence and Venice.
I am sitting in the restaurant here and listening to the owner, a grandfather teaching his granddaughter. Not sure what he is teaching her, German, French, or something else altogether. It sounds like they have a great relationship, he says something and she repeats what he says in a youthful voice in contrast to his gravely deep voice.
This hotel seems to be a gathering place for people. They sit at the tables in the morning by visiting with their neighbors. They have discussions with their coffee, tea or beer., then they melt away until later in the evening when they slowly appear filling the tables again. We even saw the owner taking a break in the late afternoon by having a beer outside with a friend.
Next to the hotel is a camp ground. Many trailers and tents set up while their owners trek around the valley up and down the well groomed trails available for hikers.
Trails wind around this valley all over the place. I think a map would be a great investment for any hiker, I would hate to get lost in this area.
Off to Burgundy tomorrow, a wine tasting is scheduled in the afternoon.






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