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The Road to Siem Reap
It is a two lane road that looks like they are trying to expand into a four lane road, we are in a big coach bus, passing scooter, wagons pulled by scooters, wagons pulled by oxen, or bicycles. The land looks like Texas in a very bad fought, dry dusty, just waiting for the rain. Of course I would visit during the hottest driest month, sigh.
Along the way you see homes built on silts maybe a story high. Some on the ground level, some about four feet off the ground. They all seem to be at different level. Most of the homes are of what I call clap board housing with with tin, tile or thatch roofs. They remind me of the housing in the Tennessee hills, on large living are with a door, two front windows. Since I can’t see inside I can’t tell you any more….
Everyone is outside either under the house, a tarp, a porch, or tress. I gather with a breeze it would be cooler. Clothes are strung along their picket fences as if that were their clothes line. The fences look they are made of bamboo, a simple way of separating property lines?
The afternoon at the killing fields…Our tour guide from yesterday said parents will have their ashes buried in the their rice fields so the children will be unable to sell the rice fields, due to the honoring of their ancestors. That sounds like a parent thinking ahead?
They do grow grass (straw) for feed and fertilizer of the fields. They use it in the rice fields. I am truly reminded of Brookshire/ Katy as I look out the window right now.
From the houses on the side of the road to the expanse of flat land ready for rice in the next couple weeks…now I have to admit I don’t see fish hanging out to dry or pigs….
What I find strange is it is early in the day tenish and there are children everywhere. I am thinking they are not in school. Either they can not afford it or there is not one. They look undernourished, clean clothes, combed hair, smiles, but hungry. The average age is under twenty five in Cambodia. At some points we are driving on a dirt road.
We went to a high school that was used for interrogation during Pol Pots reign. There were graves for the seven victims left there after the over throw. The high school was filled with photos and stories of the lives of the people killed there. I skipped most of the tour and sat outside, watching the white blossoms fall on the ground almost as if tears from the trees were still falling from the loss of lives. The next morning we went to the palace and tour there…I skipped the afternoon at the killing fields. Even our guide was touched by those events. He lost a brother, his whole family was sent to the rice field to farm. His father died soon after the revolution. He had a passion of making sure we understood the entire time of his country during the time.did manage a little bit of shopping, found a quilt shop. The FCC bar where the foreign correspondents reported the war from. All in all very interesting place to visit, just not the coolest time in April….

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