Well, I managed to make part of Ricky Tim’s seminar. My job called a staff development at the last minute and I had to attend, oh well such is life. I did manage out of a six hour seminar two hours. We did go see the quilts hanging at the mall by the Ikea store on the other side of town, you should have heard the taxi driver grumble. The mall was one I had never been to, it was lovely. The show was small so it didn’t take too long to view. There were two vendors, Bernia and Handquilter…but we found the Jamie Oliver restaurant and had a great dinner, and another grumbly taxi ride back to the hotel.
Spent the day at Dubai mall trying to find clothes and shoes for Vietnam. I am concerned about the heat and bugs. I managed to find a Columbia store for clothing and a timberlands for shoes so all is good. On to the next adventure. The photos are from the roof top of the hotel. I went swimming this morning and thought these are views of Dubai that you don’t usually see. There are also some photos of the quilt show.




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