Well, second semester has ended. It was a long haul from January to now…..the strange part is without realizing it the students and I have developed a relationship and their behavior has improved leaps and bounds. When you look at their English level as kindergarten to second grade and I am teaching sixth grade math…I am amazed they are doing as well as they are. They are delightful young ladies.
We have one more end of semester exam and then spring holiday for two weeks. I am off to dubai for a quilt show then on the fourth to Vietnam and Cambodia. If I had know the temperature of that area at this time of year I would not have booked the tour, but I will continue on. I am a little concerned of flies, mosquitoes, and other critters, but I will be brave, I think….
I did stop at a store on the way back to the desert last weekend to pick up a few groceries, who can complain about the view?.



I bought a few things, had a cup of coffee and drove home. Life is good in the slow lane.






2 thoughts on “March

  1. Beth, hmmm favorite part of day. I so enjoy going to the pool and beach after school every day.the view is amazing. Students…after six months I have learned to love most of them. A few still pull my chain, but sooooo much better than in Septmeber. They call me Grandmother, because I am the age of most of their oldest grandmothers. I still will get called names in Arabic but I still just ignore it and they calm down quickly. I have children from 14-10 so the maturity range is quite a bit. The classes are large in students and small in space but we have learned how to work with it. The weather hasn’t gotten too hot yet, I dread it when it does because I can see them becoming a tad cranky when it does. They took their “state assessment ” this week and said it was easy, I can only hope they did okay….
    They had a large Mother day celebration yesterday and were dressed in beautiful long gowns. They looked so different out of their uniforms. Their hair was upbraided and uncovered and they had their nails painted. They danced, sang and recited in honor of their mothers. They did such a lovely job! One thing that has been reinforced is children are children and they all want someone to praise and love them no matter where they are or who they are. Life is good.

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