Feb. 20

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Good day to all,

It seems writing once a week is beyond me, I am glad I did not think I would write once a day. I went out to the Dubai desert under a full moon and drummed. Yes, there were about 100 people there and we all played the drums. Before you get any ideas…it had more of a Caribbean or African beat to the music than religious bent. It was almost like going on a desert safari outing than anything else. We rode out to the sand dines in a four by four, had the opportunity to ride camels, take photos dressed in crazy costumes, ate a great dinner, watched a belly dance, and a fire eater in between playing the drums. Some of the group even camped the night. I on the other hand went back to Abu Dhabi for a good nights sleep.
I had bought some fabric in Oman and whipped up a couple hearts for Valentines day for some friends. I was able to use the fabric I bought there. It was fun playing with my Toyota sewing machine.
This weekend I have driven back to Liwa to spend the night camping, yes I am going to freeze. On the way here I had to stop for a herd of camels that were walking on the road. They were even going the wrong direction…I should have taken a photo, but I was trying not to hit one as I drove slowly down the road. That and there were many flies and camel dung on the road, and they are big and were close to me, I am a chicken. It has been fun driving down the road and seeing all the baby camels lately.
I have signed up to go to the International Quilt show in Dubai. I have a hotel room and have signed up for a class. That will be a treat next month.it is the first weekend of our spring break so for the rest of the time I am going to Vietnam and Cambodia with a group through a travel agency.
Well I survived camping, was the stars came out the wind died down and it was lovely, though we all were sitting close to the fire and had multiple layers of clothing on us. I ran into the same camel herd and stopped to take photos. A guy with the cars invited me to come up close and touch the camels, he snapped a few photos of me and the camels. The beauty of here, the silence, the time to stop and really appreciate good friends and company is truly wonderful.

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2 thoughts on “Feb. 20

  1. Beth-Near Washington DC! says:

    I see a quilt (ala Mary Lou Weidman story quilt) with the picture of the camel at your chest!!! Glad you are having fun!!! Can’t wait to hear about the Quilt Festival.

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