Well, it seems as if the month of December has arrived. The teachers are all excited about the upcoming term break, the students are busy studying up until the last moment for their fall exams, and the weather has became a tad cooler. The evening temps were 69 degrees last night. Today I think it is in the mid 80’s. Which is nice because I am still swimming outside in a pool a couple times a week.
Went to Dubai over the weekend to get some shopping done, kind of last moment because I don’t really like shopping and don’t want to go empty handed at the holidays.
Anyway in Dubai there is a place called Global Village. In global village there are stores set up to represent the different countries around the world. I do a really good job not wanting everything they have until I see the different textiles. Oh my….I saw a great elephant wall hanging made up of patchwork…I had to remind myself I am not shopping for me…sigh…
I spent most of my budget in Africa and Turkey…next time I go I will shop for me…
Spent some time in Dubai and the Emirates mall. They certainly make the galleria back home look very shabby. They are truly elegant works of article art the size, colour, openness of shopping.
Before coming back to the desert I spent Saturday morning at the beach. The rich colours of blues between the sky and ocean are something I don’t think I will ever get tired of looking at. Friday I will be flying back home for a quick visit and to bring back some sewing supplies that I would enjoy having. Like who brings cutters and not any rulers…it is hard to justify buying fabric when I know I have just a bit back home. And most importantly Tums, advil, and contact solution. Who knew those items were not everywhere…oh and eat some Mexican food….
Thought I would add a bit before I post this. It is Tuesday, our hump day, few sixth grade students have shown. They have combined the three classes into one and we entertain them for 45 minutes. The sixth graders don’t have winter exams but they come anyway because their sisters are going. So in order to relax after the day I have gone to the pool and beach to read, nap and swim. A very nice combination, I have already packed for Friday which is nice.


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