The weekend continues

On the way to Delma island

On the way to Delma island

imageI am sitting on a ferry going to Delma Island. It is an hour and half ride. This is something I have wanted to do while living here. Bought a tent for about seven dollars and a chair for about thirty. There are Cormacks flying along side of us,diving for food in our wake. There are white caps on the water and though I am sitting in the sun it is a bit cool and I am glad I have my sweater. The water is so blue, it is amazing. Delma Island is about a twenty-minute drive and then the ferry-boat takes you out there, we plan on camping on the beach tonight. It seems you are able to camp anywhere as long as you are not disruptive to farms and gardens…I have a blow up bed and a comforter to use. Hopefully it won’t be too cold tonight. I must be getting used to the warm weather because I have quite putting the air conditioner at night as low as I was, I get cold now. Which I can only hope the weather stays pleasant when I head back to the states for Christmas…
I went to an it italian opera at the emirates palace Friday night it was amazing. The music was wonderful. At the Palace I went to a bar there called the Havana club, one uk guy in the group said it was very Cuban, probably the closest I will ever get to Cuba.
Last night was the symphony doing a special production for national day. They had an amazing emirate piano player, that has only been taking lessons for four years. He composed one number they played and it was very good. The talent of that young man…we had soprano soloist that wore gowns that were designed by ( I think) a sheikha.
Tomorrow is the big actual national day, since I am so close to home I won’t have a big drive back which will be very nice.
As I look over the water it is hard to believe I am half a world away until one looks at the people on the boat. There are people from India, people completely veiled and you only see their eyes. Men in long white robes with turbans and men in orange jumpsuits ( the workers)
Not a cloud in the sky, small white caps on the water and one young child screaming his head off…
As we drove out from Abu Dhabi there were still small bodies of water from the storms two weeks ago. You would think it would evaporate or filter down faster. I wonder how much the islands has in damage since it was hit very hard from the rainstorm and the teachers were told to hunker down and ride it out…
I didn’t see much damage on the island as we drove around looking for a place to camp. There were piles of tree stuff and some fences down, but not a lot. We camped on a beach the wind blew all night. I went to bed fairly early, one I was tired but another reason is I thought my tent might blow away…
The ferry ride home took less time, the wind was behind us. National day in town went by with barely a whimper. The kids that came to school were tired and sleepy.
All and all a great weekend!


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