A new week out in the desert

One of my students walked by with a falcon.

One of my students walked by with a falcon.


Cooking more fish…





A camel on the way to heritage festival

Wow, what week this has been. The school won the western region completion for heritage days and we are entered in for the competition at the UAE level. This means when I was doing bus duty this week I saw a camel come to school one day with the buses. One of my students had a falcon with her that day too. Every time I went out to the area I am so amazed to see how well they did with their areas. They are so excited about the competition.
I was invited with another teacher to a students home. We sat outside and had Turkish coffee, sandwiches, tea more sandwiches, more tea. The family was so delightful, we sat on a carpet under the stars and talked for quite a time…we were so honored by their kindness and generosity.
Our area had a bit of rain and wind this past week. It rained so much Thursday school was canceled.The rain is not a normal thing in this area and we had a bit of water in our building. The students were sent home for the day, to their delight I am sure. I had spent the evening before at the doctor gettIng more meds for another attack of bronchi issues…sigh…but once again I have meds and will improve I am sure.
I made it into the city and went to an Art show and had a delightful time looking at the art and discussing it with friends. Went to the old souk in town and had some very spicy Indian food for lunch today. Back to the desert tomorrow…still working on plans for the National day time off. Then in three weeks home for the holidays.. Life is very good!


4 thoughts on “A new week out in the desert

  1. Beth-Near Washington DC! says:

    A bit longer than …. the flights from Africa, but then again you are flying a bit further west (Texas) than I did, so maybe about the same to the Eastern edge of the US?

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