The daily grind…


This past week we had heritage days. The girls have spent the past month working on their displays. I know when we lived in Kansas the students had pioneer days, sooo it isn’t too different from that, except we never had a student riding a camel in the playground. The young lady did a great job riding the camel I was very impressed, then again so were my students were looking out the window. I have no idea why I tried to teach 3 D shapes at the same time, it was a lost cause. Some of the displays were a couple goats, a couple girls had their falcons. Some boys in a boat or dhow. A girl roasting fish over an open fire, and no adult supervision and no burns either….a young lady was cooking a donut type bread over hot oil and making some pancake type food over a griddle. Some boys twirling play guns, a couple girls with a traditional tea set. It was amazing!
Last week I,went to a Mexican buffet at a hotel. I was so looking forward to the Mexican buffet. The tortillas were okay, the meat was good, the guacamole
was very good, but not a drop of cheese on the whole buffet…how do you have Mexican food without cheese?
Friday night I went and saw a group called the three tenors, they were delightful. Went to the beach Saturday morning before heading back to the desert. I even got in the water and swam some. I have started swimming a bit since I moved here, this would be the first time I was not in a pool. It was delightful.
Hoping we get a long weekend for national days and head to Nepal…waiting for the official word before buying a ticket…
Around town tents are starting to appear. People from out in the desert have started to come in town. One huge tent has a satellite dish attached to the side. I think they are coming in to town for the camel races that are starting or for winter…I am betting on the camel races. I hope to go see them sometime in the next couple weeks.






3 thoughts on “The daily grind…

  1. Beth-Near Washington DC! says:

    I can’t imagine kids unsupervised these days with the hovering parental units…. Sounds like there was lots of entertainment outside the windows…

  2. Debbie in Port Ludlow says:

    I enjoy your sharing of your experiences. Where in Nepal are you going? I was there a few years ago and can share a few places to go and see.

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