Recent photos, one of my new sewing machine.






4 thoughts on “Recent photos, one of my new sewing machine.

  1. Debbie says:

    The beach looks great, blue sky and beautiful water. Can you snorkel and see lots of tropical fish? And a new sewing machine too. That should help to keep you busy and creative. I do enjoy your posts and pictures. This is probably a part of the world I will never get to so it is fun to see it from your perspective. Thanks.
    Debbie in Port Ludlow WA

    • I didn’t get in the water, I was reading a book. The water is very clear and there are fish, some people do dive here. Glad you enjoy it, never thought I would be living here.

  2. Beth-Near Washington DC! says:

    Marsha, I thought I had your blog loaded … via the table… just thought you weren’t blogging… but I checked and added your blog to the reader and I am now all caught up!!!

    Have you mentioned the age you are teaching?

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