Well the month flew by very quickly, of course having a holiday in the beginning helped a lot. I have managed to get bronchitis last week. I now know where the medical clinic in town and the pharmacy is located. Seems I was having an asthma bronchial attack??? Must be all the dust .
Anyway I am all better and back in Abu Dhabi for the weekend. It is the Islamic new year and we have a three day weekend. Which coincides with the formula racing, and a film festival in town. Liz and I went to a evening concert Thursday out by the racing. We saw the idol winner and runner up from last year( from here) and a famous Egyptian singer who is doing his thirty year tour. All were very nice and I had a ball dancing on the lawn with all the others at the concert, though the next morning I remember when I tried to walk I was not twenty any more.
Friday we went to the film festival and saw two films. One was at the emirates place, which is a very impressive hotel and the other was at a local mall. These theaters had very wide, comfortable seats. There wasn’t a head in front of me obscuring the view. Liz fell asleep at the first movie because those were the type of seats they are, and the movie was very slow. The second one was a bit faster but I enjoyed both. They were thought provoking.
Today we have taken it a bit slower, went to the beach at one of the islands, lunch out by the Louvre is being built. We are headed out to the souk this evening to browse for Christmas gifts. We hit a store this afternoon for groceries and listened to Christmas music, it was different.
The job itself is hard. The girls English is very low, so I am adapting each day trying to figure out how to reach them and teach the English for the academic skill. I don’t have my manipulative nor do I feel like buying. We are starting angles this next couple weeks so the girls are making a book for geometry. I bought spaghetti for girls to make different angles on Monday to review what we did last week. Hope to have them glue the angles on to paper and label them. I also broke down and bought stickers to reward them..we will see if this will work. Then onto triangles and polygons.
Well, we are off to the old souk in town have a great weekend all, I do have to say I did not miss Halloween in the classroom last week!


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