Back at work

Well I have been back to the UAE for almost a week now. Strange how quickly a place seems like home. I have joined a local Hotel so that I may use their gym facilities. It is on a lovely beach and has a very nice pool. I am managing to swim most every day but the water is almost becoming cool. Strange how one becomes used to water that is very warm and now that it isn’t it seems cold. The students have begun to start to wear jackets to school. The temperature is in the low 80’s in the evening and mid 90’s during the day. With a breeze flowing it is very pleasant, I even saw a skeeter this week!
I am off to Abu Dhabi today for the weekend. Taking a cruise on the water tonight and going to ” the film” festival tomorrow. It ought to be a busy weekend, my main goal is to get my UEA drivers license today!





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