Day three in Istanbul

Well, went on the boat trip…it was okay. The rain was pouring, the dialogue was in Arabic so it wasn’t too informative for Liz and I. The boat was nice, we were not packed in like sardines. We had a cup of hot tea and enjoyed the view.
They were to take us to a leather store and mall, all part of the boat tour. We were to go in a bus, changed at last minute to another bus that no one spoke English. So once again we listened to Arabic about the area. I got the words Zeus and Hera but have no idea what else he said…we arrived at the leather store and were treated to a fashion show and tea. We had an hour to spend there but, on my dime I only needed five minutes to know they were out of my price range for a jacket to live in the desert. After that Liz and I decided to bail on the “tour” and go off on our own. So we walked and learned an important lesson, the wall around the city was designed to keep people out as well as protect those inside. So we walked, and walked some more. We came to an entry to a park and decided it might get us back into the city, wow what a lovely surprise that was. The leaves are turning, the rain slowed down and it was quiet, peaceful and beautiful. Don’t ask me what park I haven’t any clue but it was lovely. Then low and behold out we come on the other side but to more shops. We decided to find a place to eat, walked past a young man on the loom and decided we had walked far enough. Had great shaved meat in a very thin tortilla like bread they cooked right there. They included a yogurt type dressing, tomatoes and French fries. It was wonderful!
After eating we went and looked the weavings next door and we were talked into sitting on a couch in the rug section, given tea and two hours later and a bit more educated on rugs Liz and I walked out with our purchases. I will include a photo when I get home, but I don’t want to open the bag, I know it will increase in size then. I bought a feed sack that was embroidered. They embroidered it so when it when in to the field storage the family would know which bag of grain was theirs. It is lovely, well I think it is. Liz bought a tablecloth and bed cover. The young man who spent so much time with us, was very happy when we left. We may not have bought a rug but we most likely spent too much on what we did buy, but oh well it was fun and I think I don’t mind paying a bit for the education on rugs we received.
We continued our walk, again in a random fashion and low and behold we ended up at the entrance of the bazaar. Since it is still closed we followed where most of the people were going and ended up in the spice area. There it was very crowed but we knew we were getting close to where the taxis sit and wait. Before long we made it back to the hotel to relax for the evening. All in all a great day!





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