Good evening from Istanbul,

Liz and I arrived Monday afternoon from Abu Dhabi. We have about a week off for EID and decided to go somewhere and Turkey was close.
We were told that because of EID the bazaar would be closed through Thursday so we scurried down there in a taxi as fast as we could. We managed to browse for a couple hours before it was shut down at sunset for EID.
It was amazing, the colors sounds and people were fantastic! Every where you looked there was something outstanding. We had a coffee sitting in the bazaar and shopped along jewelry, meat, rug shawls, cheese, coffee, spices, and sweet stalls. It was organized slightly and all similar shops were together. When it closed Liz and I went with the flow out the door and walked down streets filled with people shopping for their holiday. We arrived back at the hotel and had a great dinner upstairs outside looking out over Istanbul .
This morning since everything is still closed we walked down and over to the old section and walked around the area for about five hours. We ate outside a mosque and had coffee on a corner shop. We took a taxi back needless to say and both of us are yawning and are ready for a nap. For the next two days we will be on two different tours, my feet are fine with that!

Tuesday in the city

Tuesday in the city


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